About The Academy

St Anna’s is not only a home for 17 wonderful children but also during the day it is a primary school. St Anna's Academy is attended by just over 250 children between the ages of 0-12, some whom otherwise would never have been able to afford to go school. The children follow the Ghanaian curriculum, taught by local teachers and students from Winneba University. The school has a choir and a dance group and holds regular sports days. The older children also take part in ‘Adventure Days’ where they visit areas of local interest.

The Future

We are now raising money to finish a separate school to house St Anna's Academy as we are rapidly run out of room in the home.

The primary aim is to provide a good education for all the children who attend, whilst channelling the fees paid back into St Anna's, allowing the home and Academy to become financially independent and subsidise more places for children who do not have the means of paying.

We have recently bought a fanastic plot of land that is a 15 minutes walk away from the current home and building has started, albeit slowly! 

There is still a long way to go and a lot of fundraising to be done but as Emelia says “Rome was not built in one day!”  St Anna’s has evolved despite many moments when we thought it never would. We will get there, slowly. 

Latest Pictures from the Academy!